What can I expect?

There’s a lot of noise in the markets. The Till takes a long view on investing, and looks to make the complexity of finance approachable. We’ll talk about how options can inform perspectives on the broader market. We’ll talk about goings on in the crypto space. We’ll also talk about ice cream and wine.

Investing is a process of finding products and strategies that match your objectives. Derivatives are for everyone, and the Till brings them a little closer to home.

Says who?

Mark Phillips has been actively investing across volatility markets for 15 years. From trading options on the floor to Bitcoin on the screens, he has developed risk management and opportunity capture strategies for all types of investors. He founded the investment advisor Harvested Financial to help individuals manage custom portfolios and deliver product expertise. He co-founded Harvested Digital Asset Management where he invests across traditional, centralized, and decentralized exchanges to capture the disruptive alpha of crypto markets while managing volatility of returns.

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Thoughts on liquidity, volatility, and market structure. Crypto curious. Analytics and investments @harvested_dafe.


Principal at Harvested Financial / GP at Harvested Digital Asset Mgmt Curating volatility, digital asset, and wine portfolios Not Advice http://bit.ly/h8f8disclose